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Gracie's party tomorrow.
Live bands and stuff!
Today wos hella boring.
Like way boring.
But i got new shoes!
Its the checkered Vans slip ons
BUT, they're from Kmart and were only $5.

Kevin leaves tomorrow and i didn't get to see him before he left.
Im upset about that.

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Bloody Scream!

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Today was the last day of classes, which leaves me with:
Wednesday (tomorrow):Maths final and Social Studies Regents.
Friday: French Regents
Wednesday: Bio Regents

Yay for no more classes!
BAH for missing everyone and everything about school.
Sure sometimes i don't want to be there cause i get bored
or there's major drama, but honesly, i love high school
I'm afraid to leave it, afraid to grow up.
2 more years and im out of there leaving behind
amazing people and memories....

But besides the sentimental moment,
Im officially off to england/europe the 14 of august =]
and moving into a new house soon this month!

Saturday there's a gig at crannell and im seeing kevin <3
mind you i love that kid ALOT.
No lie!


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lmao gawsh

Everyone's freaking out about 6/6/06.
Do notice the zero there yesm.
Haha so someone in the catetiria this morning
wos making crosses with her fingers telling everyone
to go away cos they were saying 666! or something lol

Everyone's a wee bit spazzy about it.
Its all mumbo to scare everyone.
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Besides animal cruelty

Ok so im calmer about the animal cruelty shit, i wos really fucking p.o'd
I thought of my first lesson today, english.
We were finishing up presentations and this kid Jeb in my class
wosnt real prepared for his part but he did wot he could.
He did something on science and techonology or something along that line.
Anyways, he wos talking about how neutrons were discovered and things went like this:

Teacher: Wot happens when a neutron is split?
Jeb: *thinks* you get a baby?

LMAO! i loooove it.
Best quote ever.

Oh the answer is, atomic power and all that mumbo lol
And yesterday in during the maths lesson this happened:

Teacher: John you're fatter than me! How much do you weigh?!
John: Eh i weigh enough.
*teacher asks like 3 more times and gets the same answer*
Teacher: John why are you so big?
John: Thats because every time i do you mum she gives me a cupcake.
*class has a laughing fit*
Teacher: My mommy? She wouldn't do you!

Lmao! Maths isn't so boring sometimes. Today we killed 25 minutes cause this teacher who happens to be
my maths teachers best bud came in and told us like 3 stories.
Great stuff i say.
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My mum just called me and told me im getting my braces off a whole week early!!!

Anyways, today's morning wos great!
I finished my presentation in english then
another group went up and well there's this kid in my class who
NEVER talks like NEVER and he's this little asian kid, uber tiny!
Anywho, he spoke during the presentation and i got so happy!
Haha omg he's adorable he has that chinese accent and he's all tiny omg i spazzed
out when i got out of the classroom haha. Yes im weird hush now.

Then then! My friend Jesse is very ticklish so i poked him and he goes
"PEANUT BUTTER PEANUT BUTTER!" and i laughed and he explained that he
says peanut butter cos it stops him from laughing and that made me laugh
i dont know that completed me i thought it wos ace.

SOOOOO, Mcfly? I hope!
Paramore i think i can't go, its thursday.

The New DROP DEAD, GORGEOUS album is out!
I hope i can go get it today!

-TBS first and newest
-DDG new album
-A Heartwell Ending
-Dear Whoever

Thats all i can think of right now.
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Myspace layout =]
Annnnnd, im going to judge at the science fair tomorrow woot haha
Im bringing up my gym grade too, i changed and did ALL the work.
Well workouts cos thats wot we're doing in the weight room.
Last night i got bored and decorated my sketchbook with ducttape so its
white and hot pink stripes with black and lime green words and junk.
I got bored of plain black with silver sharpie randoomness written onnit.
Wot else wot else?
Everyother class im doing 85++ so its good.
Oh and i want to get my tragas peirced and an industrial.
Maybe not industrial yet im a wuss for pain.
But lip in...2ish years?
I hope dammit >.
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Ok so my internet wos gone for like ever, 5 days to be exact.
Just got it back like....15 min ago and im beyond amazed at how fast
Optimum is lol
not much went on though,
made about $80 on wallet making.
More mulla to come!!!
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